Karen Swift Bodycontrol Certified Insutructor


$70 per hour for 1:1

Introductory package available 5 classes for $300

$70 per hour for 2:1 (Combined fee) for private/semi private tuition on the Pilates Equipment (Reformer and Wunda chair).

$25 per person for 3 -6 people in a prearranged group.

Student rates:

$50 per hour for 1:1

$50 per hour for 2:1 (Combined fee)

$20 per person for 3 -6 people in a prearranged group.

1o%  sales tax to be added at time of payment.

I am happy to teach a group of people up to a maximum of 12. Prices for this would vary depending on the number of people and location. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Gift vouchers and block booking discounts are available for special occasions.



Pilates class schedule:

Private class and groups held at the studio to be arranged by appointment only.

 Tuesday: 9.30am at Mercer island Athletic Club

*Rates are on their respective websites and paid directly to the Club

What should I wear?

Clothing that allows freedom of movement. Sweatpants, shorts and T-shirts are all suitable.

If you would like further details or to book, please contact me on:
Cell: 206 790 3632