Karen Swift Bodycontrol Certified Insutructor

PilatesHigh for Teens – Stretching potential

This class is a mix of Pilates and Barre all done in time to music.

Every Wednesday 7pm-8pm at Mercer Island Community Centre (ages 11 and up).

Coming soon!! Tweens… (ages 8-12) Every Wednesday at 6pm – 6.45pm (45 minute class) Mercer Island Community Centre. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

It is important for us all to have good movement patterns, and retain range of movement and good posture as we get older. PilatesHigh are classes designed specifically for teens, with this in mind. They are fun,  interactive classes, perfect for children aged 11 and up, and suitable for all fitness levels and athletic abilities.

There are many potential benefits for children living an active life style (especially as they grow), apart from the obvious one of physical health; two very important considerations are motor development skills and self-esteem.  Furthermore evidence has also shown that regular physical activity can help with stress and anxiety, as well as improve concentration and focus, helping with academic performance.

“Movement activates the neural wiring throughout the body, making the whole body an instrument of learning”

Hannaford, 1995, Smart Moves: why learning is not all in our head.

We use music and small equipment, such as balls, to create a non competitive class that is both enjoyable and challenging. Pilates is also a perfect complimentary activity to other sporting activities, and in some cases can improve performance by teaching correct movement, bringing awareness to our bodies and focusing on strengthening and relieving tension in our muscles. Many professional athletes use Pilates to enhance their performance as part of their training regime.Pilates can also help prevent injury not only when participating in sport, but in our normal day to day activities.

These classes will also incorporate some of the EnjoyBarreConcept workout to music to add the fun element.

Benefits of PilatesHigh and Barre for teens:

Improves posture, balance and coordination.
Increases strength, stamina and flexibility, targeting the core muscles of the body.
Teaches the importance of focus, and the requirement of connection of mind and body with movement and sport.
Increases bodily awareness.
Can help with stress.
Provides a sense of fulfilment and success
Ultimately Pilates can help build self esteem.