Karen Swift Bodycontrol Certified Insutructor

Pilates for Sport

Whether you play sport on a professional level or just for fitness and fun, Pilates is an excellent way to enhance your performance in all sports and help in the prevention of injuries. The exercises are built around eight key principles and are designed to help improve the quality of movement by lengthening, strengthening and improving body awareness.

As Pilates strengthens the core areas, lengthens the spine, improves muscle tone and flexibility the overall affect will be to improve reflexes, strength and stamina. This not only helps reduce the risk of injury but also helps in meeting the various physical and mental demands put on professional and amateur sports men and women. Many professional athletes use Pilates to enhance their performance as part of their training regime.

A Pilates programme can be applied to general sports or tailored to specifically meet the important movement elements of an individual sport. If you would like further information on how Pilates can benefit you and compliment your sport, hobbies and activities please call or email me.