Karen Swift Bodycontrol Certified Insutructor

Pilates at Work

Many companies are now realising the benefit of providing fitness training for their employees, and Pilates is an excellent way to help enhance any corporate wellness initiative. Pilates also focuses on correct posture, whether standing or sitting, as well as correct movement and lifting techniques, all of which are important in any job we do.

As Pilates is both a mind and body conditioning programme it is also an excellent way for us all to unwind and de stress at any time of the day. Pilates also helps to improve our concentration and energy levels, which in turn can help to motivate staff and improve productivity.

Benefits of Pilates:

Improve posture and alignment
Help with neck, shoulder and lower back pain.
Increase productivity, concentration
Tone, strengthen and increase flexibility
Improve self-confidence
A general sense of health and well-being

Pilates at work can be scheduled at any time of the day and take place at your office in a meeting room or Board room.
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