• karen My name is Karen and I live in Kingston upon Thames with my husband and our 3 gorgeous, energetic girls. In September I made a big decision to retire from working in the city and focus on the things I love and enjoy. Join me in my new journey through life to find and do new things. Hopefully together we can have some fun.

Kingston Night Market

Jul 31st, 2013|In Blogpost

is back on the 8th August If you missed it last time it is worth a visit, although small, the food on offer is delicious, there is a good variety and a fun atmosphere. it is also a good...



Jul 28th, 2013|In Blogpost

Michael Nunn and William Trevitt of BalletBoyz, are opening up their amazing Studio, 52a, on Canbury Park Road, for us all to enjoy.  The Studios are absolutely stunning, beautifully finished, and very light and airy. I am pleased to say...


Tantalising tastes…

Jun 29th, 2013|In Blogpost

I am really enjoying watching the Rick Stein India series on BBC at the moment. Although I love cooking I have never really enjoyed watching cookery programmes, but this is different as I am enjoying learning a little bit about...


Top tip

Jun 2nd, 2013|In Blogpost

A few people over the past week have mentioned how beautiful the Isabella Plantation is in Richmond Park at the moment, I can only imagine with all the rain we have had recently that it looks more amazing. On the...


Mmmh fresh bread

May 31st, 2013|In Blogpost

In an attempt to reduce the number of cakes and biscuits we are making, and consuming, I thought it would be good idea to try our hand at something different. After searching the forgotten places of the kitchen, we discovered...


Summer Sun

Apr 23rd, 2013|In Blogpost

Ahhh, at last the sun is shining! Maybe, just maybe, this is the start of a glorious summer. After the winter we have had I think we all deserve, and need, some sunshine to brighten up our days. Unbelievably my...