• karen My name is Karen and I live in Kingston upon Thames with my husband and our 3 gorgeous, energetic girls. In September I made a big decision to retire from working in the city and focus on the things I love and enjoy. Join me in my new journey through life to find and do new things. Hopefully together we can have some fun.

Chilling on a sunday morning.

Feb 9th, 2014|In Blogpost

with the gentle folk rock music of Tony Dekker, I just cannot get enough of on my way back. For more information on Tony Dekker and his band:      


my first ballet

Feb 4th, 2014|In Blogpost

My youngest is totally obsessed with ballet, to the point where we are either listening and dancing to ballet music, watching it or reading about it. But the realisation of just how serious she is really hit home during one...


A fine example…..

Jan 30th, 2014|In Blogpost

I have been asked by a few of my clients what the advanced classical matwork involves. Here it is curtesy of Bluebird Pilates


Show your child’s creative side

Jan 24th, 2014|In Blogpost

And give them  a feeling of fulfilment and pride. I love this idea for showcasing the wonderful efforts our little ones make.


We all need to retain our range of movement as we get older……

Jan 21st, 2014|In Blogpost

Stay flexible and strong with Pilates, it’s never too late. For those of you who are unsure about whether Pilates is right for you, the NHS have “A guide to Pilates” which may help with some of the questions you...


Please feel free to vote for us

Jan 15th, 2014|In Blogpost

Net mums are asking parents to vote for their favourite classes, please feel free to support me by voting on the following link.  Any feedback you wish to leave may help in case of a tie breaker. many thanks in...