Importance of a balanced body

February 5th, 2016

After a day of teaching, I have been thinking about the importance of balance!

Standing can actually be quite hard work……that is if you are not balanced properly. The way the body skeleton is shaped means there are naturally good positions for standing and for sitting, and if we can find the right positions/alignment, our bodies are much more at ease and working more efficiently, hence wasting less energy.
So, whether you are standing or sitting, try and think about your posture.
Gently balance your head on top of the neck and spine. See if there is a position that brings a sense of lightness, maybe by bringing the head back gently or tilting the jaw, and notice how your muscles relax in your neck.
Be aware of the weight of your body, either through your sit-bones, or through your heels and if you are standing slowly rock back and forth and feel your muscles respond to the different positions.
Balance the weight between either sides of your anchor points and think of stretching and lengthening from the back of the body, softening the sternum whilst maintaining that length. Find that position of ease.
Our lives are so crazy and we are all running around trying to cram as much as possible into our days, which somedays seem to be far too short.
Take time out to breathe, even if just for a minute, and recognise any signs of imbalance, either in mind or body, then gently correct yourself. Keep it up and soon it will come naturally.

Have a lovely day.

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