Project Wild Thing

January 10th, 2014

Further to my recent post ‘Let children run free’, I recently discovered Project Wild Thing; a inspiring project to get our youngsters away from the screens and back to nature.

It is no secret that today’s society is leading us to increasing exposure to “screen time”, with advances in technology there is less need for us to get and about, ultimately our levels of physical activity is slowly being reduced.

Project Wild Thing is encouraging us to be active and have fun for free. To explore and use the great outdoors, not only to teach our children about life but also make the most of natures’ wonderful playground.

It’s time to join the action!

Find the fallen trees to climb, the hollow trunks to hide in, the long grass to run through (screaming at the tops of our voices) and the hills to roll down; the possibilities out there are endless.

Give the kids freedom of movement in comfortable, loose fitting clothes and let them get dirty, explore, climb and find their imaginations!

Let’s release those endorphins and find a greater sense of well-being for all the family.  When was the last time you rolled down a hill? Go on give it a go, I think you’ll like it

For more information and to join the movement please go to: