Pilates High is born

January 10th, 2014

Pilates High 

Pilates Classes just for teenagers – Stretching potential

The busy life of a teenager and the changes they are going through both in mind and body can be a very stressful time, and unfortunately they are not always equipped with the tools to manage this stress. Pilates High can help with the pressures of today and make a difference in mind and body.

There are many potential benefits for children living an active life style (especially as they grow), apart from the obvious one of physical health; two very important considerations are motor development and self esteem.  Furthermore evidence has also shown that regular physical activity can help with stress and anxiety, as well as improve concentration and focus.

Pilates High gets teenagers moving focusing on teaching correct movement patterns whilst at the same time rebalancing the mind and body in a positive way.  Pilates teaches us to become more aware of our bodies, how they (should) work and teaches us to listen to the messages our body is sending us. Targeting core strength, posture, concentration, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Regular exercise can also promote a future active, healthy lifestyle, enhance social interaction, improve confidence, help with weight management, aid neuromuscular control, and can have a positive impact on academic performance.

“Movement activates the neural wiring throughout the body, making the whole body an instrument of learning”

Hannaford, 1995, Smart Moves: why learning is not all in our head.

Pilates High is based on the 8 Pilates Principles (below) and on the requirements of teenage life, with a fun and interactive class that is suitable for all fitness levels and athletic abilities. We use music and small equipment, such as balls, to create a non competitive class the is both enjoyable and challenging.

The 8 Pilates Principles; Concentration, Alignment, Centering, Control, Precision, Breathing, Stamina and Flowing Movements all help in our daily activities.

Concentration; teaches us to focus on the activity at hand and block out distraction.

Alignment; teaches good posture and correct alignment of the body in different positions.

Centering; strengthens the centre of the body and teaches us how all movements can be initiated from the centre to give stability, and ultimately allow freedom of movement.

Control and Precision; helps increase control and accuracy of movement and prevent injury in the playground or in professional sport.

Breathing; the emphasis is on full deep inhalation and exhalation, teaching us to use breath more efficiently to help with movement, endurance and relaxation.

Stamina; is both the end goal and end result.

Flowing Movements; teaches correct movement patterns with effortless ease.


Overall Pilates can;

Improve posture, balance and coordination.

Increase strength, stamina and flexibility, targeting the core muscles.

Teach the importance of focus, and the requirement of connection mind and body with movement and sport.

Increase bodily awareness.

Help with stress.

Provide a sense of fulfilment and success.

Help with self esteem.