Girls – Kingston Little League needs you…..

January 6th, 2014

My eldest daughter recently expressed a surprising interest in football. Gone are the days of pink tutus, the ballet shoes have been swapped for a pair of black, studded football boots. I guess it all began when we started watching the girls football during the Olympics just to prove to the man of the house girls can play footy too.

And so we found Kingston Little League, and we have not looked back. With 3 girlie girls in the house we have focused on the typical sports that girls do such as ballet and gymnastics. But of course in the early years these don’t usually provide a place in a team, and being part of a team can bring many benefits socially and emotionally, as well as give us a reason to strive to improve.

At the moment the girls team needs new members to set up a team to play in matches. So please come down and join us on Friday nights at Tiffins girls school, it’s a bargain at £1 a game.

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