Enjoy Barre Concept

September 9th, 2013

I have just completed my Barre Course with Barre Concept.  It has been an exhausting 3 days, but I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. For those of you not familiar with the hottest new workout in America, I have written summary below.

Barre Concept is a challenging total body workout that combines the positions, moves and grace of ballet, with the core strength and alignment of Pilates and Yoga. 

Barre Concept is a fun, safe, choreographed workout that utilises the ballet barre to perform a range of small isometric movements and stretches. The main focus is on lifting the bottom, sculpting the legs and arms, whilst at the same time burning fat and strengthening the core.  The Barre Concept method combines a range of simple movement patterns with very little impact placed on the body.

Ultimately the Barre Concept workout can help with improving balance, strength, stamina, posture and flexibility. 

If you are looking for a cardio workout, private sessions can incorporate both a mix of the Barre and Pilates matwork.