Mmmh fresh bread

May 31st, 2013

In an attempt to reduce the number of cakes and biscuits we are making, and consuming, I thought it would be good idea to try our hand at something different. After searching the forgotten places of the kitchen, we discovered the bread machine and pasta maker (presents given to me over 8 years ago) that I am sorry to say have never been touched. So I dusted off the bread machine (as this looked the easier option given the electric tail) and we got to work.

I guess there was always a misconception in my mind that baking bread would just take too long, aswell as make too much mess, consequently it stayed well and truly hidden. 

Having found a bread mix in the cupboard (one step at a time of course), we set about baking bread. 5 minutes later, our job was done, all we needed to do was press the right buttons (the biggest challenge of all) and wait for the machine to do it’s part. 

2 hours later and, Hey presto! Our first loaf.

After a very successful first couple of weeks we ventured into making pizza dough – from scratch I might add – absolutely delicious! In fact even one of my daughters friends said it was better than pizza express, now that is a compliment coming from one so young and experienced in the world of pizza.

Fresh bread every day, and no need to nip to the shops just for that loaf of bread. In addition to this (and this is the best bit) everyone at my husbands’ work now thinks I am the perfect housewife, much to his amusement.