Let’s make music

March 27th, 2013

I love playing the piano, however as the piano is one of the least transportable instruments, I have not played regularly since leaving home for uni back in 1997. 

However, last year we were kindly given an old piano which was a good starting point to see if our eldest, Ka, would be interested and enjoy learning how to play. It was also a great opportunity for me to see if I still had it in me.

After a year of piano lessons, Ka has finally started really enjoying her playing. I believe this has been helped by the fact that she now recognises and likes the songs she is learning to play. She has even proudly played to an audience of parents at the school music festival, also a very proud (and tearful) moment for mummy!. 

Now that we both enjoy playing regularly, it started to become clear that the old ‘Joanna’ just did not cut the mustard. The keys that weren’t missing, were constantly sticking, causing some very frustrating, and disheartening moments for us both.

So it was time for an upgrade! After extensive research we settled on the Yamaha B1 (pictured above) in sheek black. Perfect for beginners and good at holding their value – hence the sale price was almost the same as the second hand price – so having longed for a new piano my whole playing life, we finally opted for brand new.

This decision was also helped by the fact that we were successful in applying for the Arts Council Grant. An interest free loan (of up to £2000) over a period of 10 months, set up by the government as a way to encourage, and help parents fund musical instruments for their children. 

Now we are happily tinkering on the ivories, who knows the hubby may even be tempted to start a new challenge this year!

Recommend, who have been great and extremely helpful before and after our purchase.