Camping and Glamping

March 25th, 2013

I have mixed feelings on camping. The majority of our family holidays, as a teenager, were camping holidays in the south of France, and I loved them all.

20 years on, the idea of camping does not have quite the same appeal. Now I associate camping with; a lack of sleep, morning aches and pains, an uncomfortable bed, cold nights, and the dreaded 5am starts.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that still make camping great (even at this age); the freedom it offers the kids, how life automatically slows down, watching the kids and their imagination as they play, the way the kids ‘muck in’ with the usual daily household chores. And ultimately, how all these things bring us peace and relaxation.

So I keep the real camping to short weekends in the UK, but our longer summer holidays abroad we now look for a little more luxury in the form of Glamping.

Here are a few tried and tested campsites I would recommend, and a few I have found (which I have not visited) that I think look good.
the yurts and campsite were very stylish, although not sure the new owners share the same vision and attention as the previous owners. Check out recent reviews. (photo)
miles from anywhere or anyone at the back of a wood and overlooking a field of cows, perfect in the day, a little scary at night!
basic camping, with the most amazing beaches and views.

Hollands Wood, New Forest. Plenty of space for the kids to run free.

this year we are going to; (France)

Another place that looks great, that I found in my search;

Taghazout, Morocco. A mix of yoga and surf.

Good source; cool camping.