House swapping 2013

January 9th, 2013

Since having our first baby 7 years ago, we have not quite made it to 12am to see in the New Year. I am the first to admit that I am not at my best on a lack of sleep, so the thought of a late night and 6am start has never really appealed to me. But as the kids have got older and life feels a little slower, I have relaxed (a little) in my bedtime curfew.

So this year, we decided it was the year to Party. We found tickets for a great night in Brighton, close to the first flat we bought together. Luckily my parents in law, who still live in brighton agreed to house swap for a night. We stayed in their flat and they came to ours, not sure they realised that we would also be providing their entertainment for the evening by leaving the girls and crazy uncontrollable puppy in the house with them for the night. ;o)

So the afternoon of New Years Eve onwards was ours. It started with an extremely wet and windy afternoon walk along the seafront (which I insisted we do for old times sakes), an early takeaway and bottle of fine vino at the flat, finished off with dancing late into the night at the local. 

To top it all off we were not bound by an early morning kick out, as you are with many of even the finest hotels. Perfect and just what we both needed.

Wandering where we can go next??? I have the house swapping bug!