Getting back into the swing…..

January 16th, 2013

The past couple of weeks have been pretty tough for us all, christmas is over and we are back to school. Getting back into a routine and the swing of things has been hard for everyone. The final date for my tax return is approaching fast and this has been looming over me like a dark cloud (and there are too many of them at the moment).

So after a “not so good day”, I decided tonight was the night to be proactive and sort out all that paper work. Needing a pick me up in the form of a rather large glass of wine and some decent music, I fell upon this artist whilst searching I Tunes. A lot of the songs are a little depressing (maybe reflective of the mood I was in), a few are sung in french (giving a nice holiday feel in the middle of winter), and a couple made me smile, sing and giggle. Now I never thought I say I did that whilst doing my tax return, amazing what music can do….

You will probably recognise the tunes of Inside and Out, and Tout Doucement, my favorite tracks and where the fun came from. the Artist and album is: FEIST – let it Die

NOW I feel better!