Waste some time today..

November 5th, 2012

Waste some time with your kids today.

Do you find that you are constantly chasing your tail? I do, thankfully not quite so much these days, but I do still feel my life is crammed full of activities and household jobs.

I want my girls to notice the world around them and learn from what they see, and more importantly not feel like they have to fight for my attention all the time.
I also want to really get to know them again (after all these little monkeys are the most important part of my life), go back to the days when I used to stare at them for hours just as I did when they were babies. I want to see the tiniest little things about them again and really understand what makes them tick.

What have I missed over the past few years as life has roller coastered past us?

So I think the time has come to retrain myself not be afraid to slow down. It is time to sit and waste some time with my children, forget about all the jobs waiting for me, and listen more carefully to the words of that famous song by Otis Redding.

“Sitting on the dock of the bay… Wasting time……

This week Bella and I went to Hampton Court, and cuddled on a bench watching the ducks and coach horses pass us by.

Have you got a favourite place to waste time?