Roald Dahl

November 26th, 2012

I am really enjoying bedtime stories with our eldest at the moment (extremely grateful that we have moved on from the endless fairy stories we have read over the past year) we are now revisiting one of my favourite childhood reads; the books from the Roald Dahl collection.

Reading these now I have to admit that I totally missed the creativeness and wackiness of his characters when I was young. I am also convinced that Roald Dahl cleverly uses his books as a way to remind us parents, and teachers, how difficult it can be to read an unfamiliar word.

What I am really enjoying is how the stories not only provide the girls with an opportunity to escape from reality, but how brilliantly they are tapping into my imagination. Consequently, my excitement in storytelling has reached new heights (I am finding voices and accents I never knew I had), and we spend bedtime together with plenty of smiles and lots of laughter. There must be nothing better than having a laugh with a loved one just before you fall asleep. A perfect way to end the day!.

I came across these mugs (please see photo) in the Cartoon Museum next to the Body Control studio in London, and just fell in love with them. A Perfect memorabilia of the bedtime laughs and cuddles we are currently enjoying.