Sit back and enjoy the coffee

October 10th, 2012

This sunday I spent the day at the Body Control studio for an all day workshop. I love these days, the quiet commute to London and a day of learning and participating in new exercises; more fun to bring home to my clients. The studio is half way between Holborn and Tottenham Court road so there is very little around, but last time I was here I met my husband (alone) for lunch and we stumbled across this little gem of a coffee shop.

The Monmouth coffee, and please note that I do not pretend to be a coffee connoisseur but I like to think that I can tell the good from the bad, was sublime and the cakes looked divine. I resisted the temptation to have one this time round (a full stomach and an afternoon of experimenting with exercises literally does not sit well) but I was witness to many sounds of approval from others whilst they happily delved into the delights on offer.

It is not a big place but that I believe that is what makes it feel so special and quaint. 1950’s music plays quietly in the background and the walls are decorated with pictures of our classic british stars, a nice touch and a trip down memory lane for me.

A great place to relax and unwind, a very welcome change from the usual noisy (expensive) high street haunts. Definitely worth straying from the beaten track for a visit.

This year the wild and wood coffee shop has been nominated by its customers for London Lifestyle Awards 2012, I think that says it all.

Address 19 New Oxford Street, London by kareniswift • Instagram