Loving Lunch

October 3rd, 2012

Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time researching the best way to raise our 3 girls.  I have bought books and spent hours searching the net for the answer to some trying and testing times.  Some of the things I have read have been frustrating, others a little unrealistic (especially with 3 children), but some have been insightful and helpful.

I came across the idea of leaving messages about the house, as a way to encourage my girls to listen and do, at a time when my children seemed to have developed a serious case of selective hearing.  I like to try and keep the messages light hearted, keep a little humour about them so I (and they) do not feel like I am nagging e.g.

“I cannot flush myself! please, please push me”
“I am just clothes, I do not have legs, please put me away.”

But a friend suggested a different use for this idea, a way of saying “I love you” and “I miss you” while we are all apart.  My eldest daughter gets a written message, our middle daughter who has just started full time school, and cannot yet read, gets a love heart.  They absolutely love it and I love writing them.

Maybe there is something you would like to say?



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