I love inset days

October 12th, 2012

I love inset days, although I can understand why some working parents find them an inconvenience, but for me it a great opportunity to take the girls somewhere that would usually be heaving. I can relax in the knowledge that I will return home having enjoyed the day rather than feeling like I have been run over (quite a few times) by a double decker bus. What a difference it makes when you can let the kids run free and not have to play ‘spot the kids’ every 2 minutes.

This week we met up with friends from school and jumped on the tube to South Ken for a trip to the Princess Diana Memorial playground pirate ship in Hyde park.

It’s approx a 20 minute walk through the park, but for the kids this was part of the fun (although I am sure if they did not have friends to go crazy with it would have been an entirely different story for both them and me).

The ship itself is pretty impressive and BIG, it makes me think back to the dinosaur experience I had as a child when visiting the Natural History Museum. But for those who like the smaller things in life they will not be disappointed as there is plenty to do for all ages. Thankfully there is also a cafe selling all sorts of goodies for those that have worked up an appetite and for those parents that need a caffeine fix.

A great day had by all and another fun thing to do in and around London.

Princess Diana Playground

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